Ride Bike Mektrax Team (UAE)

After a successful 2019 race season, Mektrax is proud to announce that it will be continuing as the official kit sponsor of the Dubai based Ride Bike Mektrax racing team. With an updated roster, the team this year includes some of strongest riders in Dubai and across the Middle East.

For this season, the team will be riding on an all-new redesigned custom kit built with EMOTION AND TECHNOLOGY.  Based on our 2020 collection, the team jerseys and bibs incorporate some of the latest and most technologically advanced features and materials available.

The whole team here at Mektrax is beyond excited to continue this adventure. We can't wait to see what the team will achieve this year. They are off to a great start with their new jerseys and bibs.

Keeping it cool, and fast!

The team will be riding on our new Action Stage2 Jersey. Uniquely developed combining super lightweight and breathable performance fabrics, the Action Stage2 Jersey will keep our riders cool even when under the extreme summer conditions of the Middle East. The super lightweight Bi-elastic 135 fabric receives a hydrophilic treatment for improved heat and moist transfer even during the humid mornings of Dubai. 

The Action Stage2 Jersey combines stretchable fabrics and a race fit cut to create improved aerodynamics and save them some crucial seconds.

Comfort to get them further

Arguably the most important garment worn by a cyclist is the bib short. For many, during a ride it can be the make or break to good performance, so we held back nothing in providing our racers with the best possible bib construction. Whether racing or training, our riders will be pulling long hours on the saddle throughout the season and we chose the Prolite Bibs to be their partners in this journey.

The Prolite Bibs are fitted with perforated side leg panels to provide maximum breathability and comfort in a lightweight bib ready for tough hot rides and climates. These will help our riders to stay cool improving performance and endurance. The pads are provided by Paris HD guaranteeing more than 7 hours of comfort in the saddle. Kryptonite Lycra at the core of the bib provides not only impressible breathability and durability, but its compression and structure features are second to none.

Team Roster

Alex Sherwin, Conner Rycoft, David Williams, Edward Fern, Joakim Franzer, Kyle Correia, Lian Aucamp, Luke Hessey and Matt Dewhurst

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