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Suit Reflect Ladies Jersey

Ladies 2020 Collection now live

Tested over 22,011km

Founder Christopher Swan wore our performance bib everyday of 2019. Testing every stitch! We put all that and more into our new Elite Bib.

Our new Prolite Bib

Paired with the Ultra Lightweight Action2 Jersey

2020 Suit Stage2

Our updated Suit Stage2 is covered in reflective print. Keeping you seen.

Ride Bike - Mektrax

We are proud to announce the continuation of our sponsorship with Ride Bike - Mektrax

Made with the very best performance Italian fabrics, from patterns and fit that have been tested and proven intensely on the bike by the very best professional riders and insanely enthusiastic amateurs !!

Emotionally they are designed and crafted to bring style, colour and image to our rides.

Our reviews are testament to these statements and our passion to provide a superb product.

Your club and or team is a fundamental part of riding and motivation to cover the miles pushing us all to higher levels of athletic performance. It's the reason we get up in the middle of the night to face the elements.

We will work directly with you to build the perfect design and kit for your club and team ethos and heritage. We will ensure the design is exactly what you want to the last deal and ensure the fit is precise for each and every rider.

All the fabrics, manufacturing and resources are the same as used on our race tested Mektrax kit to ensure the highest satisfaction of design, fit and performance.

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