A call to action for Epic rides, Cycling Stories and your Passion for the road

Who we are

At Mektrax Cycling, we are a passionate group of cyclists working to create high performance cycling apparel. We can tailor make it, we will make one for your team, wearing it might even make you go faster, you may even ride more with it on, we can't promise you will win races but, who cares, you will look like you already have!

Mektrax combines EMOTION AND TECHNOLOGY to fuel the passion for cycling through design, service, involvement and the very latest in technology.

Where Mektrax come from

Our founder, Christopher Swan is a Geordie, from North of England, where the word make is pronounced ‘mek’ - therefore Mektrax translates to make progress, get started. As a young cyclist a common call to action at the start of a ride or after a break.

Our Mission

Our mission is to delivery the very best in performance cycling apparel and to be a part of your training, your rides, your teams and clubs. 

Our Commitment

You will find the perfect outfit for you and for your partnerships, your race team, club or event. At Mektrax Custom we thoroughly enjoy working with you to provide the exact kit you want, inspired by our Mektrax design resource but built to meet your own character, colours, fit, and performance needs.

Ride with Mektrax or with Mektrax Custom and you will feel the quality, design, reliability and performance of our product.

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