Team Mektrax Racing (USA)

What do we stand for

Community, competition, and a sense of adventure are the driving forces behind every pedal stroke of Mektrax Racing. Whether it be in a downtown criterium, between the tape of a cyclocross course, or inside the velodrome, we aim to hold true to these values whilst pushing for the inclusion and equality of all riders.

2020 Roster

For the 2020 Season Mektrax Racing will be adding five new riders to their team. These five riders are not only some of the strongest riders in the South but they are extremely motivated to change the status quo around bike racing. They stand for inclusion and equity within the sport as well as growth and education for the community around cycling. We couldn’t be more excited about the stoke they will bring this year.

Taylor Gorman

Greta Cappelman

Kristina Larson

Sara Sneath

Elliott Petterson

Philip Raschke

Taylor Mills

Kenneth Thomas

Kevin Whitford

Daniel Swan

2020 Team Sponsors

We believe our goals as a cycling team align with our sponsors. It’s all in the team’s name. Mektrax: A Geordie term meaning “to make tracks.” Our team is about being ahead of the pack in terms of speed and progress in the sport.

Supporting our team means that we will represent our sponsors on the podium in men’s and women’s races in the south. It means we’ll fly their colors at some of the most exciting road races in the region and some of the most adventurous gravel grinders in the nation.

It also means that they will be represented at the table when it comes to advocating for growing the cycling community in size and diversity. This year the 10-member team will include six men and four women. We believe everyone should ride a bike, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status. To help the community grow, we will throw races with accessible entry, show up to community events and broadcast our love for riding bikes on social media.

Part of the family

Join our team

Join Our Team

This years schedule

This year we will be attending a wide variety of races with some riders focusing on criterium races and others in ultra long gravel races. 

Dead Man Gravel Grind (Ridgeland, MS)
Mississippi Gravel Cup, 4-race series (Mississippi)

Auburn Cycling Weekend (Auburn, AL)
Tour of the Southern Highlands (Woodstock, GA)

Mardi Cross (New Orleans)
USA Crit Hammerfest, televised event (Birmingham, AL)
Mid South Gravel (Stillwater, Oklahoma)
Cado Classic (Shreveport, LA)

Mobile Cycling Classic (Mobile, AL)
Joe Martin Stage Race, Elite race (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Tracklocross Series, 3-race series (New Orleans)
Cannonball Mash (New Orleans)
NOLA Speedfest (New Orelans)
Sunny King Classic (AL)

Beth Friends Fondeaux (New Orleans)
Dirty Kanza XL (Emporia, KS)
Pensacola Cycling Classic (Pensacola, FL)

Tulsa Tough, televised (Tulsa, OK)
Tracklocross Nationals (Atlanta, GA)
Pontchartrain Beach Summer Series (New Orleans

Pontchartrain Beach Summer Series (New Orleans Pace Bend (Austin, TX)
Intelligentsia Cup, televised 10-day event (Chicago)

Hotter’N Hell (Wichita Falls, TX)
St Louis Gateway Cup

Six Gap (Dahlonega, GA)
NOMA to NOMA (New Orleans)

Delta Epic (MS)
LAMBRA Track Season (Baton Rouge, LA)

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