Prithipura Communities

Cycling expands far beyond the roads or tracks. For us, cycling is about the community and how it enables us and our communities to live a better and healthier life.

At Mektrax, our efforts to strengthen our community are expressed through our longstanding affiliation to Prithipura Communities, an inspiring non-profitable organisation that has been changing lives for over 40 years.

What is Prithipura Communities?

Prithipura Communities is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. Prithipura provide a home to some of the most vulnerable in Sri Lanka; those with disabilities who have little or no family contact. It offers support regardless of ethnicity, religion or financial means. Prithipura currently support 250 children and adults with disabilities.

We believe in the intrinsic value of all humans regardless of disability and that people with disabilities should have equal access to a family life, education, work opportunities and community integration.  We believe that people with disabilities should also have the freedom to make independent choices and ultimately live a life free of stigma.

where it all started

Our CEO, Christopher Swan, explains:
"We have Tom Egerton to thank for the amazing opportunity to help raise awareness for Prithipura Communities. At 6am one morning while trying to catch my breath, always a challenge the Tuesday morning Grosvenor House group ride in Dubai, Tom and I got into a discussions about social responsibility.

Sparkled by that, he introduced me to his sister Katherine who runs Prithipura Communities in Sri Lanka. It was utterly humbling to hear and see everything Prithipura Communities does. I was immediately committed to support it both personally and through the Mektrax brand. "

Our Commitment

While Prithipura Communities are able to generate some funds through the sale of farm produce, it is still reliant on charitable giving to support their work. The team at Mektrax is passionate about helping Prithipura Communities by raising awareness and funds for this important cause.

Over the years, Mektrax has raised several thousands of dollars through organised rides and sales proceeds. Equality important, we have embraced several initiatives to spread awareness about Prithipura Communities.

In 2019, our CEO Christopher Swan rode every single day of the year to raise awareness and funds for Prithipura Communities.

You will find the Prithipura Communities logo in several Mektrax garments, including the kits of our sponsored race teams. If you see it, ask us. We love to talk about it.

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