Our Team

Christopher Swan

"Cycling to me is a way of life, it’s always been there and in some form always will be. 

A career spent developing product for major global sports brands such as Puma, Converse and Slazenger as well a lifetime of cycling has evolved into the launch of Mektrax Cycling. Now after years of designing sourcing and building sports brands is the opportunity to build a cycling brand with impeccable credentials of design, performance, service and above all, participation. 

I hope the countries and cities of our world continue to modify themselves to accommodate cycling in all forms it’s so good in every way for us all."

Daniel Swan

"Since a young age I’ve always considered myself very athletic and competitive. Cycling was a fun activity when my dad, brother and I would discover the Surrey Hills on our 26” full suspension MTB. I eventually join a small cycling club but my attention soon switched to BMX riding where a lot of my bike handling confidence and skill comes from. I was at an age where I pushed myself and didn’t care about getting hurt. A good few years later and I’m still getting on the bike each day but in a very different manner. I currently live in New Orleans, Louisiana where I race at cat 3 level for Urban South Racing. I guess this all comes back to my competitiveness and drive to win."

Seb Lea

"I've been a passionate cyclist for the last 6 years. As soon as I got my first road bike I was hooked, I love the freedom and adventure that riding a bike can offer. My passion for the sport grew from there, I started racing, then just wanted to get stronger and faster. I am based in West London in the UK and can frequently be found racing my bike at both Road races and local Time Trials, hammering Sportives as well as participating in international events. I joined the Mektrax team because I believe in what we stand for, have ridden the products first hand, so I want more people to be riding in and enjoying this great kit."

Remi Jauze

Born and raised in the French Pyrennees, I have been a  climber from day one and now being part of Mektrax is such an amazing opportunity for me to share my knowledge about cycling.

In the last few years, I have been a freelance graphic designer in Paris and London and now I am off to Dubai to perfect my tan lines all in the name of perfecting the kit.

Cycling has never been so popular all over the world. Riders are getting more demanding and  meticulous as the average level is getting stronger. That is why we make tailored apparel to suit every cyclists demands and requirements. 

You have big expectations and we are excited to work on it!

Josh Kron Salvatus

Josh Kron Salvatus is an avid  content photographer based in Dubai, UAE.

I am a cycling enthusiast working with the Café Peloton, and racing with The Cycle Hub Arla Protein Race Team, and supporting my passion for Fixie Bikes with Team Kingdom (Made By Kingdom). 

The opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented artists and athletes in the Cycling industry provided me with a deep understanding of natural techniques together with a desire to draw out exceptional and nuanced performances from my subjects. These skills are now applied to my personal Instagram account and sports assignments which convey a powerful sense of drama and strength. 

On commercial assignments, I strive to create the most graphic distillation of the brief and recent campaigns for major brands. In addition to advertising commissions and friends’ portraits, I regularly shoot concept-driven key art. From briefing to shooting, I adopt a collaborative approach throughout the image making process. 

My main goal is to be included in local photo gallery expo.

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