Emotion and Technology

Two words initially so far from each other, but that perfectly describes the sport of cycling.


What else pushes you from your bed in the early morning hours if not the passion for the road? The challenge of going faster and further. To feel the freedom, experience the most epic rides, create new stories, explore more places and improve your performance. Alone or with friends, your partners of road, your team, your club, your community. Always ending with great memories of the journey achieved.

We design and build our garments to reflect this emotion. We love to be part of your story.

At Mektrax, we are a group of passionate cyclists, so we understand that the perfect cycling apparel could make all the difference in your ride. This is the reason why we are obsessed about bringing the best technology, design and features into our garments. Everything matters. All of our products are handcrafted in Italy, using performance fabrics and the best techniques to create products with an amazing fit to unleash your best performance. Every detail is made to make you look good and ride even greater.


Technology and Performance Fabrics

eVent® Windproof

The eVent® membrane has been matched with high-performance technical fabrics characterised by DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finishes. The elastic eVent® DVstretch fabric is water-resistant and completely windproof. The result is a Water-Resistant membrane with micro-ventilation (3,5 l/mq/s) and RET from 6 to 13.

Lycra Sport

Lycra® is the best fabric par excellence for cycling shorts production. It has an elastic fibre which makes it extremely comfortable giving a total freedom of movement. Sport Lycra®, unlike standard Lycra®, provides a greater muscular compression which reduces the formation of lactic acid and ensures high performance.

3D Micro Mesh

A bi-elastic mesh with a unique 3D structure that makes the fabric highly breathable and comfortable. Its structure reduces the points of contact with the skin so that the sweat is carried away. In addition, its elasticity makes it highly suitable for braces.

Best Speed

Run-resistant fabric with Lycra® yarn. Its particular 3D structure guarantees the best aerodynamic shape, increasing the performance of the athlete. On the other hand thanks to its bi-elastic composition, it is suitable for an anatomic fit even in the body areas of increased movement.


Dryarn® is an highly performing fibre and an innovative yarn which provides comfort, technology and practicality to those who wear it. The light, insulating and breathable Dryarn® is the best ally during the performance of an athlete. Wear it to feel the difference on your skin.


Spider, the innovative bi-elastic micro-mesh with polyester, has a great elasticity and breathability which ensure maximum comfort and perfect fit. Its special fabric structure allows to carry sweat away so that the athlete’s skin is always dry and fresh throughout the training, preventing unpleasant skin irritation. This new techno-fabric is used to produce ergonomic and aerodynamic garments which are ideal for all sports activities.

Reflex 3M® dot print

Fabric print incorporating 3M® reflective dots to provide improved safety in low visibility conditions. 
Our printing process ensures that the properties of the base fabric are kept unaffected and the fabric maintains its elasticity, breathability and compression.

B-Elastic 135

A light and soft fabric for jerseys, with a yarn fineness of 44, which makes it silky and provides excellent coverage. In addition, the elastomer in the fabric makes the garment extremely comfortable and gives a perfect fit. Thanks to its special weft, it carries sweat away from your skin.


Highly breathable and comfortable 100% polyester fabric for summer jerseys. Its yarn with 50 fineness makes it one of the finest polyester fabrics. This fabric with its hydrophilic treatment is one of the best fabrics for high temperatures and sweltering weather.

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