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Seb Lea

For the last two years I have been riding almost exclusively in Mektrax kit, certainly whenever i have a choice between kits, I will invariably choose the Mektrax option. I was introduced to the Mektrax family and kit when i moved out to Dubai two years ago, I soon became a team rider for VCUAE team Mektrax, who ride in full Mektrax apparel. I love long rides, racing and time trials, but as a fairly big rider of over 80kg, i have always suffered with seat discomfort. Mektrax bibs are genuinely the most comfortable bibs i have ever worn. I have been cycling competitively for years and tried all of the big brands, from Rapha through to Castelli but I would take a pair of Mektrax bibs any day over those rival brands. It is not just the bib pad though, comfort is designed in throughout with wide bib straps which do not dig into the shoulders and arm and leg cuffs which sit at a nice height. The jerseys are well fitted making them aero so they will not hold you back on hard rides. The socks are thick enough to give foot stability in your shoe, but light enough to be comfortable and sit just high enough up the shin. Whilst the Mektrax products speak for themselves in terms of comfort, quality and style, that is not the main selling point for me. I have been fortunate enough to get to know the people behind the brand, and I have seen in depth the relentless focus on both quality and style. Rather than just a big corporate brand, Mektrax is part of the cycling community, encouraging cycling at all levels and supporting charitable causes. It is for these reasons that when i look into my drawer of cycling kit before a ride, I dive straight for the Mektrax kit, because i know if i have it on, i'll feel good, be comfortable and have a great ride.

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