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Mektrax Cycling

Women's Turn Cycling - Jersey

$176.98 USD

Top level summer jersey. 

Slim fit suitable for sports physique, self-gripping raw cut details to give aerodynamics and stability to the jersey, textured microfiber with double drilling on the breast and on the back for the greatest comfort and breathability. 

Sides and sleeves in B-elastic 135 for an enhanced fit and greater movement. 

Dedicated to riders looking for style and comfort without any compromise to performance

In addition, the jersey features Hi-Viz reflective dot printing on the collar and rear pockets. This provides extremely hi levels of light reflection but at the same time does not reduce the soft, breathable and stretch of the fabrics.
The jersey also has a secure zip pocket and side pockets for increased security and flexibility for long rides.


  • Invisible zip,
  • Textured microfiber waterproof
  • Bi-elastic fabric in the critical movement areas
  • Self-gripping details in extremity points
  • 3 rear pockets

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