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Mektrax Cycling

Women's Bibs Shorts - Navy/White

$160.00 USD

Raw edge leg cuff seam lycra for utmost comfort, 220gr textured lycra with sports yarn that ensures excellent compression and fit, innovative braces with raw edge bands in micro-fiber and ultra-breathable mesh in strategic points. 

The Elastic Interface endurance 2.5 ensures over 7 hours of comfort on the saddle. 

This pad belongs to the segment of the Endurance pads and uses the “stitched” technology. Endurance 2.5 HD is a long distance pad enclosing two important innovations that make it one of a kind. The first innovation goes to work on the performance aspect; the combination of different foam and different densities deliver superior support in the key pressure zones (in the ischial area and along the pelvic track) while adhering softly to the athlete’s body. Very high-density foams are applied under the top layer to deliver maximum performance on long distance rides.


  • Flat seams, 
  • Leg cuff with raw cut/textured lycra, 
  • Sports yarn/braces microfiber mesh inserts,
  • Elastic Interface endurance 2.5 pad

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