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What are the steps of creating a Mektrax Custom kit?

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The process is very simple. First, reach out to us and provide us with some basic details of your requirements and your contact details.

From there, our experienced product design team will help your through the process in 5 steps. Don't worry, we will help you through every single step of this process:

1. Brief - our team will contact you to schedule a brief meeting to understand your requirements, club ethos, heritage and cycling objectives.

2. Design - based on the briefing details, our designers will present you with a few proposed designed (generally 3 to 4). We will work together to select the most suitable design and make any final adjustments required.

3. Ordering - once the design is finalised, your team/club kit is included into our Club Shop and the members of your team will be able to place individual or group orders, as it may suit you. Once all orders are placed, we will send your Mektrax Custom kit for production.

4. Delivery - When production is concluded, your Mektrax Custom kits will be shipped directly into your registered shipping address.

5. Follow up - as part of our commitment to deliver high performance cycling apparels tailor for your team or club, our design team will be in touch with you to hear your feedback.

How long does it take to get my Mektrax Custom kit built?

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Our Mektrax Custom kits are fully tailored to your needs, from colors, patterns and materials. Therefore the overall process timing may vary.

From our experience, in most cases the complete process from brief to delivery takes around 10 weeks.

The brief and design steps usually require up to 4 weeks, depending on your team needs and approval of the final design. For cases where your team or club already have a design, this time could be reduced. Upon approval of the final design and placement of orders, the production and shipping steps require around 4-6 weeks.

I already have a custom design for my team or club. Can I use it?

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Most certainly yes!

In some cases, small adjustments may be necessary for technical reasons and our design team will make sure to let you know about it.

In all cases, our design team will be at your disposal to suggest design and specification improvements to make sure you receive the best kit your team or club have ever had.

What are the garments that I can customized?

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Any cycling or triathlon item in the Mektrax line of products can be customised. That will range from jerseys and technical layers and all the way to socks.

What if I don’t like the proposed design?

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We will work closely with you to make sure this does not happen and will adjust, change or start again until we get the design right. You will not be asked to pay for anything until you approve your design.


How can my team or club members buy the Mektrax Custom kit?

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Once the final design is concluded and approved by your team, your Mektrax Custom kit is included into our Club Shop. At this stage, the ordering process is similar to the ordering of our standard Mektrax kits.

You will have the option of placing group orders or requesting the team members to place individual orders. This allow for individual or group payment, as it may suit the needs of your team or club.

Is there a minimum order for Mektrax Custom kits?

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Our minimum order is of 10 units of each custom item.

In case the orders are placed by the individual team or club members, the production process will start reaching the minimum quantities. Don't worry, we will coordinate this carefully with your team's account manager.

I'm ordering the same product for male and female members. Is the order quantity one combined total or two separate totals?

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Minimum order quantities are based on a product by product basis and distinguish between a men's and women's version of a product. As men's and women's garments are designed with a different fit profile, two separate products are included into our Club Shop and order quantities will be calculated separately.

How much does it costs and is the price fixed?

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The Mektrax Custom items are fully customisable from colours and patterns to materials and fabrics. Everything is tailored to meet your team or club requirements. 

While the price will vary depending on the final specifications, our design team is very experience and will be able to provide you estimated prices during the initial brief meeting.

Once the final design is agreed the final price will be confirmed, then it will not change.

How can we be sure to order the correct sizes?

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Mektrax Custom garments follow the same sizing standards as the standard Mektrax garments and a size chart is available in our website. It is advisable to try some Mektrax kit on if you are in doubt. If this is not possible, we can talk this through as we have a great deal of experience of how our products fit different rider profiles.

Can we sell our Mektrax Custom garments through our club website?

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How much will delivery cost?

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Delivery is free of charge for all Mektrax Custom orders.

What happens if my Mektrax Custom kits presents any quality issue?

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Like any other Mektrax item, our products are carefully handcrafted in the heart of Italy's design district and go through a robust quality control process.

In case our product is delivered with any quality defects, please get in touch and we will make sure repair or replace it free of charge.

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