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At Mektrax, we strongly believe that cycling is about building and being part of a community.
Your club or team plays a key part in the motivation to cover the miles. Sometimes it may be about improving your athletic performance. Other times it may be about that social coffee stop at the end of a ride.

No matter what your reasons are, Mektrax Custom will work with you to create a unique custom kit. From the design to fit and materials, every detail is tailored for your team.

Emotion and Technology

For us at Mektrax, creating a custom kit goes far beyond combining colors and patterns. It is about understanding your team or club ethos and heritage to create a custom design that is filled with EMOTION, showing our and your passion for the road. Our team of cycling passionate designers will work with you in every single detail to create an unique kit.

Every custom kit incorporates Mektrax devotion to high performing cycling apparels with the latest TECHNOLOGY in design and materials. All the fabrics, manufacturing and resources are the same as used on our race tested Mektrax kit to ensure the highest satisfaction of design, fit and performance. Every piece is carefully handcrafted in Italy and with high performance Italian fabrics.

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