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At Mektrax Custom Kit you will find the perfect outfit for your partnerships, race team, club or event. We will work with you to provide the exact kit you want, inspired by our Mektrax design resources but built to meet your own character, colors, fit and performance needs.



"VCUAE Team ANHAM first used Mektrax Cycling to make a small run of cycling kit for a specific race in Jordan, we needed a small quantity of kit designing and manufacturing in a short lead time and Mektrax Cycling came highly recommended. Not only did they deliver in plenty of time and with no fuss and great service, we were that impressed by them that we subsequently moved the ladies and men's Teams clothing to Mektrax Cycling and then went on to come to a partnership deal which saw the Team rebranded as VCUAE Team ANHAM Mektrax! The quality of the kit is exceptional and the level of personal service is way beyond the norm. It is a real bonus to have the owner of a company so invested in providing such a high level of pre, during and after-sales service. I have no hesitation in recommending Mektrax Cycling to any Team or organization looking for cycling kit, custom or standard 'off the shelf' designs." Paul Cheetham

Turn Cycling

"Full disclosure, I’m actually working with Christopher Swan and the team at Mektrax Cycling to develop a range of Ultra distance specific kit and these prototype shorts were provided free of charge.

Mektrax Cycling is the brainchild of Christopher Swan. After 10 years working for Puma he’s set of on his own to combine a love of cycling with his knowledge of the sports clothing industry. I would sum up their philosophy as trying to find the ideal blend of form and function. I chose Mektrax Cycling to do the custom kit for Turn Cycling. What I loved about their process was the way Christopher and his design team helped Laura and me develop something that was more than just your typical club kit. I think the Turn Cycling kit looks really amazing and I love seeing people out riding in it.

When I finished BikingMan Oman, Christopher and I sat down and talked about what made shorts comfortable for long distances. Time was short so we focussed on the pad used. The cut and fit of the shorts was already excellent so no work needed there. Two pairs of shorts were provided for me to use in Corsica and after trying both of them I chose the ones with a pad that was very thick under the sit bones but also very cut away at the sides and with a deep channel running down the middle to relieve some of the pressure that causes numbness. Finally it had no padding and a lot perforations in the part of the pad at the front.

I deliberately used less Sudocrem than normal for this length of ride and didn’t take any with me to reapply. The shorts were worn for 44 hours straight and I can honestly say that these are probably the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever worn. The proof, though, is in the result. Zero saddle sores or discomfort. Given that I got total soaked, normally the cause of issues, and then slept in them for two hours, to wake up on day two and be able to ride on them comfortably straight away is awesome.

We are continuing to evolve the design and features of these shorts. The next iteration will include more reflective material to increase visibility at night. Further down the line we are looking at elasticated pockets for gels and rubbish.

To be able to work closely with a brand in this way and have critical input to the technical design as fantastic. I can’t wait to see where the collaboration takes us next."
Neil Copeland

Grit CC

"Dubai-based amateur women’s Cycling team GRiT had bespoke design kit made by Mektrax Cycling. We wanted some feminine but striking colors, without looking garish, and also didn’t want the kit to look too branded. We chose a logo that was inclusive and geared towards empowering women to ride, and asked for it to be incorporated tastefully throughout the design. We were all really pleased with the look of the kit. Mektrax Cycling came up with a few different options from which we could choose, and all fit the brief we gave exactly. The kit shape and structure is a great fit for women's physiques. The bib shorts are a particular favorite among all the team members; padding is just the right thickness and shape, and the leg length is just right. We've found the tops to be on the small side, so it was useful to have samples to try before we ordered. Both tops and bib shorts are very flattering to our different body shapes. We've had several compliments from other riders when we ride as a team, and are very pleased with our choice!" Sara-Lise Harris

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