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Mektrax Cycling

Action Stage 2 - Orange

$160.00 USD

Action Stage 2

Super lightweight race breed performance summer jersey with raw edge laser-cut silicone finished sleeves for close aerodynamic fit.
Bi-elastic 135 fabrics to adhere to the body like a second skin increasing breathability and lightness of the garment. This jersey is dedicated to the cyclists looking for ultimate in race performance.

Main fabrics:

Avatar Jacquard microfiber - this highly breathable superfine (50 count) 100% polyester fabric is ideal for summer and warm to hot climates. The additional hydrophilic treatment makes it even more appropriate for humid climates.

Surf fabric features specialized knit construction uses both hydrophobic and hydrophilic yarns for more advanced control of moisture dispersal. These patent-pending radiating knit structures keep you cooler in hot conditions by increasing airflow to dissipate heat. It has a COOL TOUCH, HIGHLY BREATHABLE, SUPERIOR WICKING, REGULATED DRYING, REDUCED CLING and ODOR CONTROL"

All fabrics are tested in the lab to ensure the55 elimination of harmful chemical substances (passing +Oeko-Tex Standard 1000) and of course by professional cyclists on the road. 

Temp range 15' to 40' degrees 

Before Using

Never use sun creams, oils and muscles heating products under the elastic garments. These type of products speed up the usury of the textile fibers made of Spandex.

After Using 

Never hang up the garments directly under the sun light or inside wet and airless rooms. In case of high sweating of the body, give wash to the garments after each use in order to protect the fibers from the bacterias.


We suggest to wash your garments alone from other type of wear, in order to avoid rubbings. Before washing, reverse the items keeping the stitching outside. If you use the washing machine, washing bags, a gentle cycle and warm water (max 30º)  are suggested. Do not use fabric softeners and bleachers and never centrifuge. To remove water in excess, wring out the items by hand. Do not use dryer machines. 

Possible Problems

Two of the main problems that can occur over time are pilling and usury of the fabrics. To avoid pilling, we suggest not to use rough saddles and keep the items away from pointed or rough objects. Moreover, do not wash the garments together with gloves, backpacks and shoe covers made with velcro inserts. The pilling is not a manufacturing defect, but depends on the actions mentioned above. To avoid the usury of the fabrics, the suggestion is washing them after each use in order to maintain the quality of the fibers.